The House of Visibility - The Birthday Bundle


You’re ready to allow yourself to be truly seen.




But in a way that activates and magnetizes. 

In a way that moves people towards you.

You’re ready to take off the layers, to stop giving us vanilla because you’re a kaleidoscope, girl!


Let them see just how deep you really are. 

How there's poetry 

And fire


And power 





The House of Visibility is for ALL women ready to be 

Fully seen.

Fully expressed.

Fully worshiped.


Get ready to ascend into your Power because you’re about to enter a vortex you’ve never been in before. 


It’s free

It’s abundant 

It’s loud 


It’s the house party you’ve wanted to go to your entire life 


Don't think with your head for the answer 

Feel for it 

Deep in your Sacral


Be seen 


Be Heard 


The House of Visibility waiting for you.

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