The Channel Society™

The Channel Society™

You have powerful spiritual gifts that are waiting to be activated. This program is for the woman who’s ready to step into her remembrance of who she’s been all along. 

The Channel Society will move you from consuming other people’s teachings to channeling and creating

  • Your own activations
  • Codes
  • Keys
  • Teachings
  • Methodologies

Remember - It’s not just *her* who has this ability. 

This is where you begin to claim your legacy, by channeling teachings from your soul. Your offerings, courses and trainings will become transformational gifts in the lives of your clients. ⁣You also become magnetic to soul clients and sales, because working with your Source does that ;) 

⁣The Channel Society™️ is for visionaries ready to become Iconic. 

In The Channel Society™ you will learn how to:⁣

  • ⁣channel teachings, messages and guidance for yourself and your clients⁣
  • activate quantum wealth creation that already exists in your energetic field. ⁣
  • Decode the Language of Source. It's all there - waiting for you to open up and ⁣Trust. Trust what you are being shown, given, feeling - because Source speaks to us in the most miraculous way. ⁣
  • start channeling your own teachings and communicating with your guides and Ascended Masters.

You will also align with and activate powers that have being laying dormant⁣. Waiting for this moment to come alive.

The Channel Society™️ is not for anyone who wants to dabble. ⁣It’s a very powerful container and you must be ready for this level of awakening and energy. ⁣

Are you?

You will awaken every sense and give breath to every knowing. 

You’ll *experience* and know this infinity within. ⁣

Your words will become like spells. ⁣

Your energy centres - will operate like a creative vortex. 

⁣You won’t just learn how to channel, speak with your guides, support your clients in an entirely new way ... ⁣You know that you’re the Source and the sorceress. ⁣

My graduates from The Channel Society™️ are able to now: ⁣

    • Channel magnificent teachings ⁣
    • Communicate with their guides ⁣
    • Channel ascended masters (Dr Wayne Dyer even turned up on one of our teachings!💕) ⁣
    • Powerful third eye activations Where they are able to now have psychic insights. ⁣
    • Create, launch and sell-out their offerings with ease.

Imagine NEVER again being a consumer of countless courses and programs, and instead being the (( CREATOR )) ⁣Rooted in source energy. ⁣Giving the world the GIFTS of your soul. ⁣

What’s Included?

    • In our 6 weeks together you’ll be given 6 activations that will open your channels of communication with source.
    • There will be 6 live q&a calls with Emma where you will learn how to decode the language of source. 
    • You'll have access to a private messenger thread for support from other women in the program.
    • There will be a private FB community for access to Emma for support during the program. 
    • There are 12 hours of teaching and channeling in total. It's VERY powerful energy. so you MUST be ready for this ;) 

Investment: $4444 (payment plan available)

We Begin Tuesday 23rd March.

Doors close Sunday 21st March at 11pm PST

{{Last few remaining spaces}}

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